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Property Descriptions, Creating Solutions for Pain Points

free training Jul 17, 2019

Everyone has seen basic and cliché property listings – three bedrooms, three bathrooms and “room to entertain”. Although it is important to provide a thorough description – people don’t buy homes and properties from these alone. Buyers look for something extra, like something that makes them feel better or happier, or solves a problem they currently have. They want to know why they should buy this property, and how they will benefit from it.

People often make purchases based on their emotions. They justify their reasons and decisions by mentioning how a home or property can affect them. Buyers need to feel at home and be able to picture themselves living or working on the property and they can be drawn in right away by presenting the right information.

When writing a property listing it is crucial to focus on the selling points that will ease a buyer’s discomfort. Emotional triggers can be used to focus on pain points and provide solutions...

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