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Property Descriptions, Creating Solutions for Pain Points

free training Jul 17, 2019

Everyone has seen basic and cliché property listings – three bedrooms, three bathrooms and “room to entertain”. Although it is important to provide a thorough description – people don’t buy homes and properties from these alone. Buyers look for something extra, like something that makes them feel better or happier, or solves a problem they currently have. They want to know why they should buy this property, and how they will benefit from it.

People often make purchases based on their emotions. They justify their reasons and decisions by mentioning how a home or property can affect them. Buyers need to feel at home and be able to picture themselves living or working on the property and they can be drawn in right away by presenting the right information.

When writing a property listing it is crucial to focus on the selling points that will ease a buyer’s discomfort. Emotional triggers can be used to focus on pain points and provide solutions and our chart below can help you do this.

Your job is to tell people why they should buy. Why should they choose to live or work here? What is the best feature of this property? What problem will this property solve? Maybe it has a great view, or large yard or kitchen. Every property has a story to tell.

We recently did the marketing for a home in Thunder Bay, Ontario, that was a custom build on a half acre of land. Instead of simply listing the features of the home, we chose to highlight the reason this property was different and special, and we mentioned the land first. 

“People often wish they had a little more room between their home and the ones next door. This is that home.”

This description hit on pain points (reasons for moving) and solved a problem. It sets this property apart from other listings in the same price-range that were “cookie cutter” homes on small lots. People who already lived in a home on a small lot, or who had viewed other similar houses, would be drawn to the emotional dilemma described. The realization that they could purchase a home with more land for the same price as one that faces a brick wall would be exciting for them.

 We created attention by hitting on a pain point, providing a solution, and making this home stand out.

Try this with your next description! Even if you just change the focus and the first line, you can show prospective buyers right away why your property will benefit them. Just this one little change will help you sell your property quickly.

To share your property descriptions and examples please email  info@seeyourhousenow.com. We would love to see them! 



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